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Sound Damping Sheet (SDS) Surface Preparation and Application Guide


This inexpensive, multi purpose noise reduction material damps and absorbs vibration from virtually any solid to which it is securely attached. It transforms vibration energy into a low level heat, and is made from a mineral-filled asphalt polymer. It also adds significant mass which generally lowers the resonant frequency of the object to which it is adhered. The product has a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing, and will conform to contours of irregular surfaces.

VE-1 is formulated for maximum damping efficiency over a broad frequency and temperature range. It is made of a mineral-filled viscoelastic polymer. It provides twice the damping of asphalt-based products without the weight and odor. The VE-1 has a grain leather finish and is cosmetically pleasing, so it can be used on front speaker baffles and other applications where the material may show. The flexible nature of the
VE-1 damping sheets enables it to easily mold and conform to irregular surfaces.

Surface Preparation and Application Guide for SDS

1.  Thoroughly Clean the Surface Area
Clean each area to be treated with a residue free solvent such as isopropyl alcohol or acetone.

2.  Cut and Heat
Using a sharp utility knife or heavy duty scissors, cut the SDS to the desired shapes and sizes of the corresponding panel areas to be treated. Remove the blue liner that covers the adhesive backed side of the SDS that is to be affixed to the panels. When applying large SDS sheets, it is recommended to only remove about 8 to 10 inches of the blue liner at a time and slowly work your way down the panel. It is also recommend that you warm the adhesive side of the sheet and panel using a heat gun. This will ensure maximum adhesion to the surface area, and allow the sheet to better conform to the surface. For maximum effectiveness apply heat to the SDS after it has been applied to the panel area.

3.  Press and Roll
While still warm, use a roller tool to work the SDS into crevices and irregularities and to smooth surface. Starting from one end, work out all of the trapped air between the SDS and panel that you can.

Additional Installation Tips:

  • Though 100% coverage is recommended for maximum noise reduction, 50% to 75% coverage will effectively damp vibration in most vehicles.

  • When 100% coverage desired, it is best to butt SDS end to end, instead of overlapping the edges.

  • For best results, apply SDS only when the ambient air temperature exceeds 70 F.

How much damping material do I need?

The amount of damping material needed for an application varies greatly with type of vehicle, area to be damped, and amount of damping desired. Calculate the surface area by blocking it off into squares and rectangles. Multiply the length of an area times the width (in inches), then divide by 144 to derive square feet. The rule of thumb is to add about 25% to your final area calculation to allow for trimming for irregularly-shaped areas and contours.

 Length in inches x Width in inches 144 = Area in square feet.

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